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Pillar5 Pharma Covid-19 Update to Customers

Dear Customers ,

This is an update to my earlier email surrounding Pillar5’s status, actions and the supply chain. Please note these updates are in addition to Pillar5’s actions from the earlier emails/correspondence which are still ongoing.  As Covid-19 activity continues to escalate during these unprecedented times we ask that you continue to communicate with us and provides a heightened level of transparency and collaboration.

Our priority is to maintain the health of our most important asset “our people” and therefore the health of the business. It is critical that Pillar5 continues to be a safe working environment. As such Pillar5 is committed to keeping our employees safe, our site running and your supply chain intact.

We understand the importance of protecting our employees and have daily communication and numerous programs in place, some of which I have identified below:

  • Rigorous cleaning throughout the plant numerous times per day; hand sanitizers in all areas
  • All medical issues require individuals must leave the site until a minimum of 24 hours symptom free
  • Everyone must be cleared upon re-entry -security badge is disabled until complete
  • Offsite working where possible
  • Reduction in numbers in high traffic areas and spaces
  • Plexi – glass barriers are in place to isolate people where possible

As for the Supply chain we continue to converse with our suppliers and distributors to assess any issues and will certainly reach out to you should there be any impact. As such it is very important that you keep us informed of any meaningful Demand changes. In

We appreciate that you are able to work with us during this uncertain period.

Pillar5 will continue to reach out and work with you with the intention of providing and maintaining 100% Customer Service.

Should you have any questions concerning this please feel free to reach out.

These are very challenging times but together we will get through this. We thank you in advance for your understanding.




As Pillar5 Pharma currently completes a major $11M expansion to their sterile ophthalmic suite, they are looking to partner with select companies for this capacity increase, which will include multi-dose preservative free (MDPF) capabilities.

Preservative free has experienced great growth in Europe and is currently in competition with Blow-Fill Seal. Preservative Free is more convenient and affordable compared to unit-dose as it has calibrated drops, one drop at a time. These devices have a one-way valve that ensure that no contaminated liquid can be re-introduced into the container after a drop has been dispensed.

This device is a preservative-free mutlidose system that avoids the need for preservatives in the product. As you are aware, the standard eye drop is sterile when it is packaged, but upon the first use, it is no longer sterile. Preservatives have been shown to be harmful to the eye and can cause irritation, discomfort, or dry eye which leads the patient to discontinue use of the product.